No one needs another tool to keep up with during an event. That's why we've built a solution that automates engagement with your audience providing you with a 2-way communication channel that provides you with two key benefits:

Collect & own more data

All data you collect with your virtual private number is owned by you to do as you see fit.

Generate more sponsor value

Leverage our solution as a benefit you pass on to your sponsors and partners as part of your sponsorship package.

How it works

What EmojiOut Can Do For You

Create multiple touch points for your audience, keeping them engaged with you before, during, and after an event, gaining more data and determining future engagement.


Build List + Sell More Tickets

Allow attendees to pre-register to your event to share with friends and be entered to win exclusive prizes and experiences during the event. This is also a great way to build your list of potential attendees for future events.


Create More Sponsorship Love

Have attendees check-in upon arrival at your event and at sponsor booths as a way receive exclusive content and offers. This is great for collecting and providing data to sponsors.


Get Feedback + Promote More

Ask attendees what they thought of the event with emoji feedback, send them a survey, event footage or simply just a thank you message. You can also use this opportunity to promote future events.

getting started

What does it cost?

Cost is based on your event engagement level (min. $50 event cost). All messages post-event are .03 cents per message. For example: A promo message after a tour stop to 1000 people would cost $30.


$ .10 cents
per attendee per event

Event Check-In
w/ Complete Profile Creation

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$ .50 cents
per attendee per event

Advanced Package
Unlimited Sponsor Keywords
Special Features
(Pop-Up Social Networking + Photo Wall, etc.)

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