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Social media, the stage or anywhere for that matter- share your number and garner a stronger fanbase not reliant upon an app.

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Fully Automated On-boarding

We Collect All The Important Info For You

All you do is share your number and our system will engage for you to collect important info like name and zip code.

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Mass Message Send To Your Fans

Send Messages To All Fans All At Once

Outside of the simple 2-way chatting you can do with fans, you can also send messages to fans and based on location and time joined.

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Text us at (615) 645-2125 to see our JOHNNYSWIM demo account and view how our system can help you on-board your fans by texting you at your own Artist Conversations number. You can also just fill out the form below to demo.


Texting Your Fans Produces Loyalty & Better Engagement.

Artist Conversations allow you to simply engage and get feedback about your music, merchandise and upcoming shows without dealing with a lot of noise and unnecessary dialogue.

VIP Treatment

Make your fans feel special by providing them with an exclusive number to contact you.

Fan Profiles & Threads

Create profiles that store your fans info and chat history with you.

2-Way Communication

Don't just mass broadcast, but connect with fans on a more personal level.

List Building

Send fans a message based on their zip code, city, interest, etc. based on special tagging.

Results Dashboard

Know which of your fans are really engaging and interacting with your product and messaging.

Be Authentic

Show fans love and be you without having to fit the mold of a social media platform.

A Look Inside - The Simplicity of Conversations

View how simple it is to use Artist Conversations and build your fanbase on a personal level without having to do a bunch of self-promotion and content creation on multiple platforms.

Upload & Share music

Upload your music directly to our dashboard for easy sharing with your fans via text message.

Artist profile creation

Input your basic information- website, social profiles, and music and we'll create a profile.

mass messaging via location

Send messages to fans based on location- City, Zip Code, etc. or based on time of subscription.

Auto on-boarding of fans

As your fans text-in to your number our system will auto reply seeking their name and info.


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.5 cents per broadcast message to fan
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