Developing your SMS Campaign is all about combining three key elements: relevance, timing, and a clear call to action.

  • Make your message relevant – A well-executed customer engagement strategy enables you with knowledge and insights that truly add value to the customer. Make sure your SMS messages are concise, easy to understand, up-to-date, and relevant.
  • Think about timing – Devise your campaign to think about your customer and what their day looks like so that you’re engaging them at the right time. Remember that your customers have trusted you with this information and access, making it imperative that you use it smartly and judiciously.
  • Make your message easy to act on – One of the main benefits of using SMS messaging is the immediacy of delivery and response. Highlight exactly what they can do and how long it will take them. Your customers will love you for it.

How important is it for your business to have your customers loyally coming back to buy from you?