Knowing how to get people to your event can be challenging when trying to standout through all the noise of advertising. In this post we will discuss the 3-step process to get people on-board with what you're doing and listening to what you have to say through EmojiOut.

I’ve got four words for you- Text In. Emoji Out. 

It’s our slogan but within those four words is an effective system that gets you the information, feedback and results you desire. In this post we are going to breakdown what makes this 3-step process the most fundamentally effective campaign you will ever do, again and again, and actually enjoy doing it.

Step #1: Text In. 

Let me ask you a question- If a person sends you a text and you don’t receive it did it really happen? Who Knows! But I can tell you what didn’t happen. You didn’t connect with your target audience. Every great process has to start with some sort connection that ignites a chain reaction or series of events and that’s what the simple act of “texting in” does. This step is where you obtain the most important piece of data you can obtain from your audience- their mobile number. 

You obtain this information by providing them with value that can’t be denied and "texting in" is a small price to pay for that value. Everything cost! Everything of value does… and so to get a valuable piece of data like a mobile number, you have to be willing to give something of value. Examples of this would be something like what TEDx Nashville did when they sent this message to their audience: 

Step #2: Emoji Out.

This step should sound familiar… do you see it? It’s our company name, but what it means for you is so much more than that. It is where you get an idea of how someone feels about your event, experience, offer or whatever you deemed valuable enough to incentivize them to opt-in to communicating with you via text message.

Once again this is a simple step for your audience that does not require much investment, especially since the big investment took place in the first step.

The value of this step for you is it gives you an opportunity to respond based on the Emoji feedback of your texting attendee.

If it’s a 👍you can respond with an incentive or positive message.

If it’s a 😐maybe you let them know you can do better and offer them a reason to come back and give you another shot.

If it’s a 👎that means you need to jump into serious customer service mode and personally make them an offer they can’t refuse. Maybe that’s a little too dramatic, but I think you get the point.

In conclusion to Step #2 use this as an opportunity to let your audience know you value their thoughts and opinions. Trust me they have them and if you don’t ask they will just simply talk about you behind your back. And no one likes that...

Step #3: ReConnect.

This step is where many people get stuck and complicate the process. It’s like the phone call you make after the first date. How long do I wait to show I’m still here and interested but not desperate? My advice, reconnect when you have something you think would be great for the both of you. 

For those that loved your “first date” (the thumbs up 👍crew from Step #2) and you have something coming up, say next week, let them know! If you have nothing for awhile, just send them a message saying “Taking a break for a minute but you’ll be the first to know when our next event takes place.”

Texting is personal and your messaging should reflect that relationship you have with your customers/attendees.

In conclusion, 

GIVE VALUE - give people a reason to Text In.

GET FEEDBACK - give people an opportunity to give feedback and Emoji Out.

BE PERSONAL - communicate as a friend and share good and important news (when you have it).