Utilizing the simplicity of text messaging, EmojiOut (Emojiout.com) makes it easy for businesses and events to connect with their audience while also collecting useful data and driving engagement.

At TEDxNashville 2018, EmojiOut helped us launch the first year of the TEDxNashville Insider program — and the results were fantastic. 

Through the TEDxNashville Insider program, we were able to:

  • connect with attendees like never before
  • drive more traffic to our onsite vendors
  • provide valuable insights for our sponsors

During events, thanks to EmojiOut, members of the TEDxNashville Insider program can:

  • send questions to speakers during Q&A’s 
  • communicate with the TEDxNashville team
  • network with other attendees
  • get updates, special offers, and prizes

The PDF below shows just a few of the features and benefits that were available for TEDxNashville Insiders at our March 2018 event.

The PDF was displayed as large signs in the event lobby as well as in the event program.

In between events, TEDxNashville Insiders will be among the first to know about TEDxNashville announcements, upcoming events, special offers, and unique opportunities. Become a TEDxNashville Insider today by registering HERE.

Attendees and sponsors seemed to love these additions to the TEDxNashville experience — and without EmojiOut, they would not have happened.

To thank EmojiOut for enhancing the experience for our attendees, partners, and sponsors, we developed a brand promotion strategy that launched days before the event started and is still continuing, months after the event ended.

In addition, we invested significant time and resources and made changes to our event to ensure most attendees tried the EmojiOut platform and had an enjoyable experience while doing so.

Since the TEDxNashville audience includes many influencers and decision-makers, it is no surprise that EmojiOut gained a respected organization as a new client immediately after our March 2018 event. 

The EmojiOut team worked hard to prepare for our event, and we worked equally hard to make sure their efforts were rewarded. It was a wildly successful partnership and we are excited to work with EmojiOut at all future TEDxNashville events.

Learn more about EmojiOut here, and by watching the video below.