Emoji Reactions is one of our newest products. Why did we create it? Because we noticed that, generally speaking, surveys suck. What do you really want from a survey? Sentiment, feedback, and a way to engage with customers based off of their sentiment. So, we created a simple and cost effective way that uses text messaging to collect this data. How does it work?

  1. You signup at Signup now for a cost of $5 a month to reserve your phone number.
  2. Then you can create a campaign and choose a keyword. 
  3. Start sharing your keyword and assigned sms phone number on social media and through signage at your physical location if you have one. 
  4. When people text the keyword you choose to your assigned sms phone number they will get a question: "How do you feel about FILL_IN_THE_BLANK?

    Respond with 👍, 😐, or 👎"

  5. When they respond with the emoji that represents their sentiment will will send them the feedback you choose for your campaign. You can tailor your sentiment responses when you setup the campaign. 

What's great about tailoring your response based on sentiment is that you can respond to unhappy customers that give you the  👎 emoji with an offer to followup and find a way to make them happy before they go to post their negative feedback on social media. It's a way to intercept them from going public and attempt to turn that relationship with the customer around. Customers that are happy or neutral you an offer them a coupon to come back in or give them a link to leave a review if they are a happy customer. So, beyond that what are some of the advantages of using our service to collect feedback and sentiment?

  1. You are collecting your customer's phone number for followup via text message or phone call when they give feedback in a natural and unobtrusive way.
  2. Our software will let you reach out to people via text message for custom messages during the campaign.
  3. You can download the list of all responses to a spreadsheet at any time along with contact information.
  4. You can use our short code (5 digit phone number) for large campaigns or you can use your 10 digit sms phone number that is assigned when you open your account. 
  5. Text messaging is fairly simple, customers don't have to learn any new app, download anything, or fill out a form. They can respond in a way they are already familiar with.
  6. It's lightweight. You aren't asking a bunch of in-depth questions that will scare customers off from giving feedback.
  7. Emojis are fun and we select emojis that are common to make sure they have the ability to respond easily. 
All in all, there are tons of applications to use reactions. You can use it for a brick and mortar business to get feedback and do followup. You can use it to get feedback on your Youtube channel in a more private way. You can provide a more personal and closed feedback loop to your customers using text messaging. SMS is way more likely to be read than email. With a 99% read rate compared to email's paltry 20% it's a no-brainer. At $5 a month to reserve your number and the first 100 reactions free there's no reason you shouldn't give us a spin. Try it now